How to fix Yoast for WordPress XML Sitemap Error (404 – not found)

17. November 2016 WordPress 0
How to fix Yoast for WordPress XML Sitemap Error (404 – not found)

The Yoast plugin for WordPress is very powerful and useful.  It will give you suggestions that help you make your content more discoverable and more effective.  There is a free version and it is easy to install.  However, I found a problem after installing it.  I tried to register the sitemap file that Yoast generates with Google so that whenever I publish new content Google will automatically be notified and can index the page.  I ran into an error, that the link Yoast showed would serve my sitemap file actually produced an error message.


Doing a bit of searching I found this video on YouTube that resolved the issue, thanks Nexus Studios for sharing this solution.  To summarize, the fix is simple:

  • In the WordPress admin panel click Settings -> Permalinks.
  • Change the radio button to anything other than what it is when you open the page and click save.
  • Set it to whatever you want and then click save again.

The problem is now solved.  The way it works is Yoast generates files for your site but your site doesn’t know they exist.  Changing the permalinks setting causes WordPress to scan its configuration and then it detects the new pages.  Then you can go to Google Webmaster tools and activate the plugin.



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