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Picture of David Berman
Picture of David J. Berman

I am a Solutions Architect.  I build websites and apps that lots of people can use.  My job is to understand what problems a business needs to solve and figure out the best way to get it there.  Every situation is unique, but I draw upon 20 years of experience to figure out the right plan of action.  I decide what the components of the system will be and how everything will work together.  Sometimes the components are built in house by developers (possibly myself included, I do get hands on) and sometimes we will integrate with Software As A Service (SAAS) vendors.


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On this blog I write about technology, business and photography.  Businesses are powered by technology, but technology is paid for by business, so we’ll talk about both.  The business of photography is a powerful one when the right tech is applied, and it’s loads of fun.  You can sign up on this page to get email notifications when I publish new articles that you might find interesting.

I am a full stack engineer on the Microsoft .Net and MEAN stacks.

I am a full stack engineer on the Microsoft .Net and MEAN stacks.  This means in the Microsoft world I make websites that run on Windows server using Internet Information Server (IIS), with a SQL Server database using code written for ASP.NET MVC using Entity Framework and the C-Sharp (C#) programming language on the back end, with JavaScript on the front end running in browser.  These Microsoft based solutions are usually hosted in house or on Amazon EC2 instances, but Azure may also be used.  In the open source world, I build web sites using Node.js on the back end with Express.js middleware, which I then run on Heroku servers.  In browser, I use Angular.js and I use Mongodb and Amazon S3 for data storage.

For some solutions I deploy Node.js using AWS Lambda.  This enables me to easily deploy code that I could run anywhere, have it invoked by WebApi or events (like trigger code to run when a file is uploaded to a S3 bucket).

Most solutions also involve a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Amazon Cloud Front or Fastly.  This provides powerful scalability in a very easy to implement way.

I love technology and am constantly striving to build my skills and become faster at bringing great features to customers.  I love enabling people to do things and making their lives easier through technology.

When I’m not working with technology I am probably taking pictures.  I am a semi-professional Fashion Photographer.  I cover New York Fashion Week, shooting all the major runway designer shows and publishing the photos.  I also play Water Polo during the summer, enjoy riding my bicycle and also walking around the city.